Topographic Surveys



Topographic Land Survey Specialists for South and East England

At Geo Scan, we bring three-dimensional accuracy and detail to your topographic site plans. Now you can see exactly how the land lies—not just from the top down, but from every angle.

Get More Insight from Your Land Survey Outputs

Land and topographic visualisations are no longer limited to two dimensions, thanks to laser and digital technology. Geo Scan land and topographic surveyors use 3D laser scanning techniques to capture physical contours, gradients, elevations, and other land features/conditions in millimetre-accurate detail.

The more complex is your project site, the more insight you need into its form and features. We can help ensure your topographic images or models serve as a reliable foundation on which to plan your construction or development.

Our Versatility Knows No Boundaries

Whether you just need a basic land survey or a fully integrated three-dimensional representation of your site for BIM purposes, your Geo Scan topographic surveyor will be pleased to assist. Typical additions to a topographic survey include boundaries, GPS level datum, and ordinance survey coordinates.

Affordable Excellence from Scan to Plan

Aside from the quality benefits of using 3D laser scanning for your land or topographic survey, our services offer a number of other advantages to help protect your project timeline and budget.

For example, our methods reduce the time and labour needed to complete your survey and generate your deliverables, so we’re able to stay cost-efficient and hence, affordable.

Deliverables are turned around quickly and without error, and we stake our reputation on the highest standards of client-care.

Take a cost and quality-conscious approach to your construction or development plans. Get them off the ground with a reliable, accurate and affordable land survey from Geo Scan.

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