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CAD/Digital Drafting Services from Geo Scan

As a complete building and land survey provider, we don’t outsource our deliverables. From the moment our surveyor sets foot on your site, our process has but one goal—to give you the outputs you want, in the format you want, to serve the purpose you want.

Why We Keep Control of Our CAD

Our service model is based on a combination of smart technology, professional excellence, and above all, an authentic desire to create an outstanding experience for our clients. The only way we can fulfill that desire is to maintain control of every step in the process, all the way from “scan” to “plan.”

When you contact us with a question about your drawing, plan, visualisation, or model, we want to have the answer. We don’t want to contact someone else first to ask the question on your behalf.

We also want to be responsible for the results of every land or measured building survey we conduct, so we don’t like to take risks with the site-data we capture. Fewer handovers mean fewer opportunities for issues and errors.

In-house CAD/Digital Drafting Deliverables

Whatever the nature of your project, our in-house design and drafting service is tailored to your exact requirements. You can choose from a wide range of deliverables which includes:

  • 2D/3D AutoCAD .dwg outputs from topographic surveys
  • 2D Floor Plans, Sections and Elevations
  • Digital terrain models
  • 3D visualisations/models
  • 360 degree panoramic images
  • TruViews

We can issue your deliverables in a range of digital formats and can also provide printed versions if required.

Let Geo Scan take care of your land, topographic or measured building survey needs—from input to output and all points in between. We serve corporations, agencies, and individuals across London, Essex, the Home Counties and the Southeast.

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