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Accurate, Fast Measurement Surveying Services in London and Surrounding Areas.


At Geo Scan, we specialise in measured building surveys using the latest in digital imaging technology. Our surveyors are equipped with 3D laser scanning equipment and the requisite skills to use it.
As a result, we’ll spend less time on your project site, turn results around faster, and deliver outputs you can depend upon to be 100% accurate—down to the finest detail.
We provide measured building survey services in London, Essex, and the Home Counties, and when work at your site is complete, we’ll produce fast, precise CAD drawings in the form and format of your choice.

Typical outputs from a measured building survey include:

  • Floor or roof plans

  • Reflected ceiling plans

  • Elevations

  • Streetscapes

  • Cross sections

  • Lease plans

Whatever the nature of your real estate project, Geo Scan can minimise your costs and your risks. In fact, our measured building survey methods and techniques are especially well suited to heritage sites and buildings where hazards are present.


There’s currently no faster, safer, or more accurate method for capturing measured building survey data than 3D laser scanning technology—but hi-tech equipment alone doesn’t guarantee service quality. At Geo Scan, we use technology to complement our surveyor’s skills, not to replace them.



The Benefits of Our Measured Building Survey Techniques

Our people have been performing measured building surveys for years, and understand that in addition to fast, accurate delivery of outputs, their activities on your project site are part of the service experience.

That’s why we leverage cutting edge technology to provide you with the best service possible, which translates into the following benefits to your project:

  • You will typically need to accommodate only a single measured building surveyor on your site

  • Surveys are completed in a short span of time

  • Our survey techniques minimise disruption to any activity you are conducting on site

  • Follow-up site visits by our surveyor are rarely necessary

  • Surveyors can measure hazardous sites with a lower degree of risk than when using traditional techniques

  • Our surveyor has more time and opportunity to take an interest in your project and to answer any questions you may have.



Who Needs a Measured Building Surveyor and Why?

Our client base for measured building surveys includes construction contractors, property developers, local authorities in London and the Southeast, architects, and home-owners/residents.

Accurate as-built representations of buildings are necessary for a wide-range of purposes and projects. Typical examples include:

  • Registration of building sales or acquisitions

  • Property development or redevelopment

  • Restoration of heritage buildings

  • Property refurbishment, alterations, or structural work

  • Health and safety-related projects

  • Property taxation and valuation

  • Legal and licensing purposes


Measured building survey requirements vary depending on the purpose or project type. Your Geo Scan surveyor will take time to understand and discuss your needs before commencing with the site survey. Along with the extremely accurate 3D laser scanning equipment we use, these preliminary discussions prevent misunderstandings and help avoid the need for us to revisit your site.


No detail left behind

Errors and omissions don’t feature in a measured building survey from Geo Scan. Regardless of the survey purpose, every detail of your building will be captured by our highly accurate 3D scanning apparatus.

Our Measured building survey deliverables are tailored precisely in two or three dimensions to suit your purposes and includes a comprehensive range of detail features and annotation as standard, which include:

    • Load-bearing or partition walls

    • Doors, windows and other openings

    • Lift shafts and stairways

    • Sanitary fittings

    • Spot heights/levels

    • Stair details including risers and treads

    • Floor to ceiling heights

    • Doorway and archway heights/levels

    • Windowsill and head heights/levels

When you need a fast, accurate, customised, and reliable measured building survey in London, the Home Counties, or elsewhere in South and East England, Geo Scan is ready to serve you an unparalleled experience, as well as unrivalled results.Contact us today at 020 8050 5365 or fill in the quick quote form below.

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