3D Laser Scanning



3D Laser Scanning: Real-time Technology, Real Value Added

Geo Scan adds value to your projects through the use of laser technology, which turns a building or land survey into a truly lean process, enables faster turnaround of deliverables, and affords stunning levels of accuracy and detail in your models or plans.

What is 3D Laser Scanning?

From the early stages of construction-planning, through every phase of development or redevelopment, to the surveying of busy operational facilities, 3D laser scanning captures the physical form and measurements of an area or structure as a cloud of millions of data points.

This data density enables structures to be represented in almost unimaginable detail, and perhaps more importantly, does so with significantly greater ease than traditional survey methods allow.

Even intricate architectural features like those found in many heritage buildings become straightforward to capture via 3D laser scanning equipment.

Key Advantages of 3D Laser Scanning

For a topographical or measured building surveyor, laser-scanning capabilities mean less time in the field, a greater understanding of the area or structure, and a greatly reduced likelihood of measurement errors.

For you the client, those same capabilities translate to the following major benefits:

  • Reduced risk of incidents or accidents (especially important on sites where hazards exist)
  • Reduced wastage in terms of time and rework
  • Lower project expenses
  • Fewer site visits by your surveyor
  • Improved information management
  • Less disruption to your operations

Laser technology really comes into its own when surveying fragile historic structures, since the equipment eliminates disturbance at the site. Hazardous and inaccessible areas in residential or industrial buildings can be surveyed by 3D laser scanner from a position of safety to minimise risk and concerns about liability.

Real-time, Real-value Surveying from Geo Scan

At Geo Scan, we employ our industry-leading technology to meet your measured building survey, topographical, or other land and building survey needs. Our 3D laser scanning techniques are ideal for surveying any of the following types of landmass or construction:

  • Residential dwellings and developments
  • Commercial developments
  • Warehouses and industrial facilities
  • Public and governmental buildings
  • Infrastructure and civil engineering projects

Along with technology, skill, and experience, our team takes a traditionally warm and personalised approach to customer service, ensuring your experience with us is memorable not only for value, but for the care we take to support your project goals.

We Put the ``I`` into BIM

Perhaps one of the most important advantages of 3D laser scanning is its value in creating intelligent 3D business information models. At Geo Scan, we offer a full “scan-to-BIM service, beginning with a measured building survey and incorporating all the activities necessary to deliver you a completed parametric BIM.

In fact, Geo Scan is the only partner you need for all your land or building plans, models, and visualisations. From scan to delivery, we’re vested in your project and measure our performance by your satisfaction.

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