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Need a Measured Building Surveyor in London?… We’re the Capital Choice.

There's an old project management adage that says, ''Quality, speed, affordability—pick any two.''

So which two outcomes would you prioritise in commissioning a measured survey for your land or building project

  • Accurate site drawings
  • Delivery in double-quick time
  • An affordable price

At Geo Scan, we say “have all three and one more,” because in addition to speed, accuracy, and affordability, we’re committed to providing great customer service throughout our project involvement.

That’s the premise on which we’ve built our business and carved a path to the bleeding edge of surveying-industry practice, using 3D laser scanning technology to provide first-class building and land survey services in London and the Home Counties.

3D Laser Scanning for Superior Plans, Drawings, and Models

From our headquarters in East London, the Geo Scan team supports building contractors, property developers and local authorities by applying non-intrusive measured building survey techniques, to create the highest quality digital and/or printed drawings and models.

Geo Scan offers a full range of 3D laser scanning services to meet the surveying needs of just about any civil engineering, property construction, development, or renovation project.

But what a measured building surveyor does at the project site is just the start…

As a complete surveying service provider, we take responsibility for the outputs as well as the inputs. Our wide range of deliverables includes 2D drawings and plans, and we specialise in 3D models, visualisations, and topographic drawings.